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Animals - Kitteh <3

Two more cats for my birthday! (Well, sort of...)

I actually got a new tablet (Samsung S2) for my birthday, which was AWESOME, because I've been struggling with a very old and very stuttery Nexus, that was becoming almost impossible to use. I may be feeling old, but at least my tech is "young" again. ^^

BUT, I also got two more cats to love! If only temporarily. Meet Roary and Daisy (as in Daisy from Agents of Shield - yes my friends are awesome fellow geeks). Here's a picture taken with my shiney new tablet:

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Just emerging out from under a rock to wish everyone on LJ a happy Christmas season. Hope everyone's well! I know I haven't posted in ages, but I lurk around my friend's journals sometimes. /inadvertantly creepy sounding well-wishes

I think my schedual's finally clear enough that I can focus on Christmas cookies, and decorating the house, and all that fun stuff (and, as of this week, "all that stuff" also involves finding a new laptop for writing/graphic design on-the-go, since the handmedown laptop imbecamiel was letting me use looks like it's finally dying on me).

I was away at a wedding over the weekend, and when I got back there were Christmas lights everywhere (including in my room \o/), and a wonderfully aromatic tree in the livingroom - all thanks to my dad and brother. It was the most awesomely magical surprise to come home to, since Christmas is my FAVORITE THING EVER, and I was afraid decorating was going to get sadly postponed this year. :)

Anyhow - that's my bit of seasonal ramblings. Best wishes to everyone out there in LJ land!

ETA: here's a picture of the pretty lights they put up in my room: